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I'm Mrs. Andrews, Social Service Director and Co-Owner of Andrews Counseling & Family Resource Center. I have over 15 years of experience working in the social service field, specifically with children and families that are in challenging situations. I believe in the importance of strengthening the family unit so that each family member can feel empowered to support each as each member work towards self-sufficiency. 

My educational background is in Social Work and Education and I plan to apply my knowledge to give my clients the best service and care catered to their needs. 
Career Highlights: 

  • ​Founded my first non-profit organization, Serenity Women's Circle in my early 20's, located in Mississippi. 

  • Founded the "Girl, Listen" Podcast and Enterprise.

  • Organized and created my first women empowerment conference the "Girl, Listen" Conference with more than 100 in attendance. 

  • Currently the Chapter Lead for the Yazoo City, Mississippi Writer's Guild. 

  • Founder and Owner of HerEmpire Resource Center 


Please email or call 678-812-9020 to inquire on any of the resources listed below. Resources are available within the Metro Atlanta area only. 

  • Furniture

  • Clothing & Household Goods

  • Diapers/Infant Supplies

  • School Supplies/ Support 

  • Career Skills Development 

  • Emergency Food/Food Pantry

  • Emergency Housing

  • Homeless Drop In Services 

  • Rent/Mortgage Payment Assistance 

  • Caregiving Services 

  • Life Skills Training 

  • Support Groups 

 Investment rate for all other services are as follows:


Finacial Wellness Therapy Workshop

 Registration Rate - $55 

Our financial wellness workshops address healthy habits that are needed to maintain a healthy relationship with your money and planning for your family's future. 


Financial Wellness Therapy 

Session Rate - $135 Per Hour

Financial Wellness Therapy is the evaluation and
treatment of emotional, behavioral, relational, and economic aspects of financial wellness. We are certified to assist you in your journey to a healthy relationship with your finances.


Speaker Request - $500

Need a speaker for your next event? I specialize in events that empower women, children, and community organizations. To request more details or discuss your topic of choice, please email me at


I'm always happy to serve, please contact me so that I can assist you in your life journey. 


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